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The Eymit Group was founded under the philosophy – Ensuring Our Environment for Future Generations. Our organization is an environmental consulting firm that assists businesses, governments, and not for profit organizations in achieving solutions on a wide range of environmental concerns ranging from environmental health & corporate responsibility to environmental consulting on development & construction projects. Whether you are looking to “go green” or reacting to renewable energy or environmental justice issues, our team of environmental consultants evaluate existing challenges and design customized solutions. Our areas of expertise include environmental compliance & management, environmental public health, environmental justice, and hazardous materials management.

The Eymit Group has a holistic and long term approach to environmental consulting and solutions in order to achieve sustainable outcomes for a livable future. With a company philosophy of - Ensuring Our Environment for Future Generations, The Eymit Group assists our clients with shaping and executing effective, comprehensive models for improvement and change.


Clients Choose Us Because

Our vision has quickly become our passion by serving as our framework to improve quality of life and ensure our environment for future generations. Through our passion, our community and the work we do with our clients, we have opportunities to shape and improve the future of the world.

Our staff are subject-matter experts and leaders in environmental compliance, hazardous waste, and environmental policy issues of today, leading the environmental industry with big ideas, critical thinking, and constant learning.

Our teams priority is to get the job done for our clients. We have a reputation for going above and beyond to advance our clients' goals. 

The Eymit Group is committed to our mission of ensuring our environment for future generations.

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